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Debbie Teichmann


As a visionary and creator of the award winning Tapping Play book, songs and DVD series, Debbie celebrates each day with love, joy and gratitude. Twelve years ago, Debbie, a workaholic entrepreneur stepped off her stress-filled hamster wheel onto her path of self discovery. During her beautiful journey of awakening, Tapping Play was birthed and Debbie has been lovingly nurturing her new children, Annabelle, Billy and Franny. Debbie’s soul mission on this beautiful planet is to ignite children’s hearts worldwide and Tapping Play is one of the creative tools assisting children in doing so. Debbie resides in Phoenix, AZ, and has been happily married for 37 years to her husband, Geoff. She is the mother of 3 terrific grown boys, Erik, Rob, and Tom and grandma to the apple of her eye, Westmalle.

Joely Nicole

Tapping Play - Joely Nicole

With contagious enthusiasm, joy and sparkle, Joely Nicole's passion is promoting , teaching and awakening others into their limitless potential of self love, well being, compassion and comfort. Joely joins Tapping Play with a background in professional training and consulting, inspiring a global clientele of all ages, to truly believe that everything really is possible.

Joely lives in the beautiful Northwest and loves communing with nature, cooking happy food, and travel. She enjoys spending as much time as possible with friends, family, and her two amazing daughters, Madeline and Mailey.

Joely believes that the key to happy, calm, and loving children is a strong and loving connection with their inner child. She looks forward to sharing the tapping, music, and dancing of Tapping Play with children and parents all over our beautiful planet; assisting them in effortlessly and joyfully connecting to their beautiful inner children.

Chris Ricci


Chris Ricci grew up a fun loving child who never wanted to stop playing. Constantly trying new creative outlets he bounced around from skateboarding, to building huge Lego cities, to collecting Hot Wheels and building models. Chris has always identified every event in his life by the colors that surrounded him. He eventually discovered his hidden talent for drawing and painting. His love for art/design lead him to pursue Industrial and Graphic design and he received his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Design Management from Arizona State University. Chris is most influenced by oldies music & urban art. He loves designing or creating something new every day. When not playing with Annabelle, Franny and Billy, we can find Chris on the mountain slopes enjoying his biggest passion: Freeskiing! For more about Chris or his design services please contact him at chrisricci.design@gmail.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .



Annabelle is our free-spirited tapping guide for the Tapping Play book and Rainbow Day Songs. She is an expert tapper and is so excited to be working with children young and old. She sends her love to all and looks forward to tapping, singing, and dancing with you daily.



Billy happily and playfully shows you the colored tapping heart points. Billy loves to dance, sing, tap and play and looks forward to teaching you the words and tapping points to the Rainbow Day Songs. Annabelle, Franny and he are excited to help you create your Happy Rainbow Day.



Franny loves colors and hearts and picked the colors for each of the heart shaped tapping points. She loves teaching children the colored tapping points and lyrics to the songs. She has a heart full of love and cannot wait to tap, sing and dance with you daily.


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